intergovernmental panel on climate change global warming

Established by the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) and United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) to assess available scientific, technical, ...
Global Warming: Early Warning Signs
Illustrates observed consequences, as indicated by periods of unusually warm weather, coastal flooding, and changes in glaciers and polar regions.
Global Warming Frequently Asked Questions
Answers to frequently asked questions about climate change.
United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change
official site for UN Climate Secretariat: Kyoto protocol, COP4 in Buenos Aires, world emissions data.
Global warming - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Hyperlinked encyclopedia article covers the trends, climate models, feedback, attributed and expected effects, responses, debate and skepticism.
Climate change - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Hyperlinked encyclopedia article about climate change over millions of years, including causes and physical evidence.
US Global Change Research Program
Provides the foundation for increasing the skill of predictions of seasonal-to-interannual climate fluctuations (which can bring excessively wet and dry ...
Climate change news, comment and analysis | Environment | guardian ...
Ongoing collection of news, analysis and commentary with Q&As, photos, videos, interactive guides, related special reports and online resources.
Global Warming- Science - The New York Times
A compendium of climate-related articles from the New York Times newspapers.
Climate Change Fraud - Because the debate is not over
A skeptical climate change website takes a look at the root causes of global warming, focusing on media propaganda, science, politics, climate, and associated ... | Climate Change News & Analysis
Attempts to dispel the anthropogenic global warming hypothesis by showing the flawed economic, scientific, and risk analysis in relation to the current ...
Global Warming Facts: What's New
To promote free-market solutions to the social and economic problems concerning climate change/global warming using scientific research and political examples ...
Commentary on climate science news by working climate scientists for the interested public and journalists.
Homepage | Union of Concerned Scientists
The Union of Concerned Scientists works to ensure that all people have clean air and energy, as well as safe and sufficient food.
Global Warming, Climate Change, Greenhouse Effect
Provides factual information on climate change based on IPCC reports and peer reviewed papers.
Climate Change - New Scientist
Includes recent and archived articles. -- Steven Milloy, Publisher
Corporate-funded site which contends that environmentalists, activists, government regulators, lawyers, and scientists use faulty scientific data (junk science) ...
The Heartland Institute
Database of published research, primarily against environmentalist regulation.
Online NewsHour: The Global Warming Debate | PBS
In-depth coverage of global warming, related research and policy decisions.
Climate Skeptic
A Skeptics view of the recent climate scene covering these main topics: Climate propaganda; Climate science; Climate socialists; CO2 abatement; Current weather; ...
Friends of Science | Providing Insight into Global Warming
Offers critical scientific evidence, including a five-piece video, that challenges the premises of the Kyoto Protocol, and presents alternative causes of ...
Climate Audit
Through the use of many data sets (including proxy data), mathematics, statistics, as well as commentary and discussion, Steve McIntyre shows how human induced ...
NRDC: Global Warming
NRDC advocates dramatic reduction in emissions of greenhouse gases in the US and abroad as well as the adoption and implementation of the Kyoto Protocol.
The Global Warming Challenge
Scott Armstrong, of the Wharton School, challenges Al Gore $20000 that he will be able to make more accurate forecasts of annual mean temperatures than those ...
Global Warming And The Climate
Applied physicist uses a variety of data sources to take a critical view of current global warming theory by comparing the effects of greenhouse gases with ...
World Climate Report
Uses a collection of data, facts and statements within a broad range of categories to find and explain many of the fallacies held in popular global warming ...
Still Waiting For Greenhouse
A lukewarm view of global warming from Tasmania. By John L. Daly.
Global Warming International Center - Home
International body disseminating information on global warming science and policy, sponsoring research. Serving governmental, non-governmental organizations, ...
International Climate and Environmental Change Assessment Project (ICECAP) is a portal to climate related information for elected officials and staffers, ...
Plant trees to reduce global warming
Calculations of carbon dioxide emissions are offered for various modes of travel and energy use (1 tree per 1000 kilowatt-hours, for example).
Planck Time - Exposing the Global Warming Myth
A site that contains up to date blogs, recent articles (as well as those archived since 2005), and links committed to explaining the hypothesis of global ...
Is It Getting Warmer?
Blog dedicated to the balanced discussion of global climate change.
Almanac of Policy Issues: Global Warming
News, background information and links on global warming, climate change, and the 1997 Kyoto Protocol.
Global Warming:Understanding Greenhouse Gases for Education and ...
Software and related curriculum materials for sale.
Welcome to the California Climate Change Portal
Information on state initiatives to develop and implement strategies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
Climate Progress
A liberal blog on the science, solutions, and politics of climate change. Also offers related links.
Roy Spencer, Ph. D.
Climatologist, author and former NASA scientist offering comments about global warming.
Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory - Global Warming and Hurricanes
Examines the likely changes in worldwide hurricane activity in the 21st century. Includes graphs and diagrams, links to theoretical papers, and a research ...
Global Warming and the Kyoto Protocol
Discussion of issues related to climate change, with links and a bibliography. Provided by Cambridge Scientific Abstracts.
An independent UK based website established to help evaluate and disseminate sound scientific information on climate change and its causes, as a guide to the ...
Homepage | Pew Center on Global Climate Change: The Pew Center on ...
Advocates taking action to arrest climate change.
Cornwall Alliance :: For the Stewardship of Creation
A coalition of clergy, theologians, religious leaders, scientists, academics, and policy experts committed to bringing a proper and balanced Biblical view of ...
Global Warming
Global warming is going to be a big problem, say scientists. Planetforlife examines the science behind the predictions.
BLOG - Global Warming Hysteria
Journalist gathers socio-political comments as well as scientific information and counters the junk science and media hype of current global warming thinking.
Global Warming Skeptics - Part 1
Exposing the fraud concerning the global warming issue, through articles, forums, and blogs.
Larry Gould
Professor of Physics.
Climate Cooling, the Other Side of Climate Change Science: Global ...
Global cooling - the unappreciated monster of climate change. An impact assessment scientist gives facts about global climate cooling.
An online forum designed to provide the news media, legislators, opinion leaders, and the interested public with analysis and commentary on US and global policy ...
A Skeptic's Guide to Debunking Global Warming Alarmism
Includes the speech delivered by Senator James Inhofe on Monday, September 25, 2006 that directly challenges the media to improve reporting methods related to ...
US Global Change Research Information Office (global warming)
Provides access to data and information on climate change research, adaptation/mitigation strategies and technologies, and global warming related educational ...
Ask Dr Global Change: Where can I learn about permafrost and ...
The US Global Change Research Information Office answers questions on dozens of topics such as land use, the carbon cycle, ozone depletion and global warming, ...
Stop Global Warming - Let's Create A Better World
Blog that emphasizes that Global Warming is an issue that needs to be addressed today.
New Zealand Climate Science Coalition
Presents facts regarding natural and anthropogenic climate change and also offers comments and opinion on the scientific, economic and socio-political ...
BBC News: Global Climate Change
Archives of the BBC's (2000-2003) in-depth coverage of climate change. Includes the debate, case studies, clickable guides and internet resources.
GreenHouse Gas Online - Greenhouse Gas News, Research and Resources
Devoted to greenhouse gas and climate change news and science. Detailed information on the various greenhouse gases and on climate change issues.
Center for Global Food Issues
Conducts research and analysis of plant and animal agriculture and environmental concerns related to that. Provides news and publications.
Global Warming Hype
Highlights the latest news, views, articles and opinion pieces related to hype and hysteria that surrounds Global Warming (Climate Change) Controversy.
home - gemmer: Climate Change, Energy, Environment, Flood
Provides information and links to projects, policies, and science covering the fields of climate change, energy, environment and floods in Europe and China.
Evidence for global warming - and why we need to take action
A statement by Professor Peter Barrett (Victoria University, Wellington, New Zealand) on the reality of global warming from the viewpoint of an earth scientist.
Open Mind
Blogger looks at fundamental properties of climate and comments on recent news.
Influence of Dramatic Climate Shifts on European Civilizations ...
Illustrated, scholarly study by Scott Mandia on the impact of long-term climate changes on the Viking civilization in Greenland and Iceland.
Global Warming is a Farce!
A personal site with a collection of articles and information presenting the other side of the global climate change issue.
Global Warming Hendersonville NC
Nonpartisan organization with a goal to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and pollution. Features calendar, articles, weblog, downloadable brochure.
Guide to Global Warming - Questions and Answers on Climate Change
Questions and answers to basic global warming questions, from the George C. Marshall Institute. | Climate Change, Environment, News, Energy, Technology
A news and information site about climate change, energy, the environment and new technology.
GreenFacts - Facts on Health and the Environment
Pr?sente des dossiers sur l'environnement et sur la sant?.
Global Warming: The Origin and Nature of the Alleged Scientif...
Article by MIT professor Richard S. Lindzen describing the problems with the global warming theory.
Campaign ExxonMobil
Shareholder campaign to promote corporate responsibility on global warming, focusing on the world's largest oil company.
Climate Change News, Headlines and Latest Stories on Yahoo! News
A roundup of news stories, editorials and articles from a wide selection of online services.
A Critical Examination of Climate Change - Warwick Hughes free ...
An analysis of the data, by Douglas Hoyt.
Climate change — EEA
Reports on the science of climate change, its impacts and possible mitigation strategies. Collection of indicators, reports, links, data sets and targets on ...
Global Climate Change
Global climate change information from West Coast Climate Equity. What is climate change? What are the causes of climate change and the evidence for global ...
The Heat Is Online
The website version of Ross Gelbspan's 1995 book on global warming science, politics and industry disinformation, is now a website that tracks and updates ...
A Greenpeace poll (in 1992) shows that a worryingly high proportion of climate scientists believe it possible that continuing emissions of greenhouse gases can ...
Great Green Global Warming Con Trick
A sub-section of the Nottinghamshire Times e-magazine that has over twenty-five pages of material and tries to dispel global warming as global problem both ...
SEPP - Science & Environmental Policy Project
Site from Dr Singer expressing skepticism regarding many aspects of global warming.
Climate Change and Infectious Disease
Demonstrates the importance of studying the volatility of infectious diseases as one of the earliest biological expressions of climate instability.
Green Clippings Environmental News - Front Page
Features articles covering climate change, energy, biodiversity, and sustainable development. Offers newsletter, subscription information, and archive of ...
Global Warming Causes, Environmental Issues, Global Climate Change ...
Information on causes and effects of global warming. Describes how we can stop the effect of global warming.
Other Side of the Global Warming Debate
A list of links to articles or other websites that tackle topics such as: Consensus thinking; Accurate IPCC Data; Myths concerning the Little Ice Age or ...
Climate change: some basics
An archived Usenet FAQ.
Skeptics Global Warming
A news and opinion site referencing headlines from around the world in addition to personal editorials that are skeptical of the theory of anthropogenic global ...
Global Warming Topics
Has articles on many topics including CFCs, deforestation, and the Kyoto protocol.
Climate Shifts
This is a topical commentary regarding climate change, natural ecosystems, politics and the environment, with a focus towards marine ecology and coral reefs.
Debunking Rush Limbaugh on the Environment
Essay that debunks many of Rush Limbaugh's claims on the current state and likely future of the environment.
US Department of State: Global Climate Change
Details of official communication on global climate change.
Leighton Smith Website
Provides online copies of articles and news referred to on Mr Smith's radio show.
Welcome to the Lavoisier Group Website
An Australian organization critical to greenhouse science and Kyoto Protocol.
Tom Nelson
A personal blog that captures the latest headlines skeptical of the global warming debate with commentary.
Conspiracy Theories and Global Threats
List of conspiracy sites.
Effects of Global Warming on Trout and Salmon in U.S. Streams
A detailed report of results from a simulation study, estimating how stream temperatures will respond to changes in air temperature, and assessing the ...
Science activities and demonstrations by Joanne Nova the host of 'Y?'
OCICE Homepage
Works to bring together faith, ecology, and community activism. A resource center for latest news in the faith communities work in environmental justice and ...
NESL's Climate & Global Dynamics (CGD)
The National Center for Atmospheric Research's division devoted to climate modelling. Provide newsletters and an overview of their research.
Climate Change Talk global warming
Forum to discuss global warming and environment issues.
A brief review on climate change
An overview of climate change, theories and perspectives, and notable weather patterns.
The Global Warming Information Center
Project of the National Center for Public Policy Research; fact sheets, media kits, research, and links critical of the manmade climate change orthodoxy.
Green Living Tips and Product Reviews - The Global Warming Debate ...
Blog discussing green energy, news, environmental issues and green living tips.
Global Disaster Watch - Natural Disasters
Current worldwide natural disaster warnings and updates - volcanoes, flooding, landslides, drought, hurricanes, earthquakes, tsunamis / tidal waves, ...
Center for the Defense of Free Enterprise | Homepage
Resources on the free market and economic theories.